• Bobby James


This is probably the season I love the most. it's the season where you get to dig out the big warm jacket's and boots and crazy outta style hats from years gone by and see if they will fit for one more year. It's not too cold yet and you can still catch a bit of warm sunshine to keep you going for the upcoming winter. It's raining right now but I feel very luck that im sitting in my studio prepping for this weekend's DJ shows. we are proud to announce that for the next 2 months DRUMNDIRTY will be dropping the silkiest beats with live Percussion 2 @ Milestones Grill & Bar. We will be doing all sorts of cool promotions and features on an amazing menu all through OCT-NOV! With so much music to share and a great atmosphere, this has already proven to be a great start to the change of the seasons. Drop in and say hi, we would love to see you!

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